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Leasing Information

Leasing industrial storage or office space from the right company is important. Make sure you do your due diligence. Here are some tips for leasing an industrial unit.

Lease Agreement

Lease terms and rent are your first negotiation point. We offer month-to-month and long term leases depending on your credit. If your a small business it is usually better to choose a one year lease. Most companies will run a credit check so make sure you know how much that will be. Arcturus Properties does not require you to pay for the credit check.

Maintenance and Repair

While residential leasing often places the burden of maintenance and upkeep on the shoulders of the landlord, commercial leases are different. Commercial leases vary regarding maintenance and repair – some stipulate that the tenant is responsible for all property upkeep and repairs while others specify that the tenant is responsible for systems like air conditioning, plumbing, etc. At our facility the tenant is only responsible to maintain the inside of their unit Arcturus Properties maintains the exterior.

Leasing Application

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